Building an ecological park in Duran
Cooperativa 5 de Junio

Last June 2018 after having a meeting of “mesa de trabajo”, the dream of building a space for kids became a working plan and activities to accomplish through the participation of neighbors and volunteers.

The community board directed by Antonieta Castro and the community team from TECHO presented the ecological park proposal in FONTECHO, a fund sponsored by the national office of TECHO Ecuador where many teams prepared and exposed their projects in order to be financed.

This time the opportunity was for coop. 5 de Junio Block E2 who receive 1500 dollars form the inter American development bank

The process to build this ecological park was long and demand a lot of hard work but allowed to find new empower women leading the community, young people interested in the development of their neighborhood and committed volunteers.

There were many other companies that contribute through donations with this project, reusing material like pallets, wheels, concrete cylinders, wood, etc.

This kind of projects where settlement inhabitants and volunteers put all their effort, knowledge and experience allow empowering citizens, engage them with the development and growth of their cities through active participation and concrete solutions