Counting Realities Campaign

Mudha together with the international movement Global Youth Advocacy was implementing a meeting with young people for advocacy. A campaign has been held throughout the Dominican Republic.

The GYA project aims to develop training modules for youth groups in the field of non-formal education to develop an advocacy campaign. The project develops specific competencies to promote active participation, solve local problems and provide tools to local communities to defend the rights of the population.

The objective of the project was to contribute to the capacity building of institutions, the strengthening to develop youth exchanges, and to get to know the good practices of young people from different countries, and for this purpose a Latin American exchange was carried out in Bogotá, where Colombia and Ecuador were also included. From there arose the “counting realities” campaign that seeks to make visible the phenomenon of unemployment and the lack of documentation that directly affects young Dominicans, who are the most vulnerable population in the face of this problem.

The lack of opportunities for young people represents a danger for society, since they can be recruited by organized crime in a country where drug trafficking is gaining territory, as well as gangs. Young people are criminalized for not having a job, but neither does the state create the conditions for them to have access to job opportunities.

The problem is also reflected in the fact that young people who enter the public sector do not have the conditions and qualities to obtain the employment that is offered, which leads them to opt for low-paid work.

On the Dominican Republic, young people from different communities participated, such as Palmarejo (Pantoja), Basima and Lechería (Villa Altagracia), Juan Sánchez (Monte Plata), Palave (Manoguayabo) and Puerto Plata belonging to the Dominican Haitian Women’s Movement (MUDHA).

Our campaign told realities in which it was composed of various activities such as civic stops, walks, conversations, home visits and collection of signatures, in addition to a meeting with community leaders. There was also a meeting of specialists in youth public policy sponsored by the Ministry of Youth and UNFPA, with the aim of participating in the elaboration of the National Youth Plan 2020-2030.