The project Global Youth Advocacy was born to empower young people all over the world, giving them the tools and methodology to build up an advocacy campaign.
The methodology works through non-formal education activities, all designed to adapt to any environment and context: in Europe and Latin America, where the project took place, the results were pretty positive. Here you will find the video tutorials created during the Youth Exchanges. They explain the activities carried out in the project, step by step, in order to make other people (youth workers and whoever else is interested) able to replicate them in any other situation.

Me in the world

This video tutorial aims at describing how to start implementing a whole advocacy campaign. In this very first phase, the goal is to make the young people aware of the world they live in, in order to identify which is the main problem they want to tackle with their advocacy campaign.

The Pyramid

Here it comes the time to identify the causes and consequences of the problem chosen in the previous activity. The youngsters share their ideas and put them in order, making at the same time some research, to be more precise as possible and, by doing this, getting a more aware view of the topic.

The Trial

In this third video tutorial, the youngsters that took part in the youth exchanges had to realize whom and what they’ll have to deal with. The activity helps them to embody the problems they want to tackle and look for the best arguments for their campaign. Here, the drama plays an important role: by acting like the problem, the consequence of the problem and the lawyers that mediate between the parts, the young people can identify the relevant people, stakeholders, and institutions dealing with the problem they want to tackle and the exact point where it’s necessary to take action.

Dreaming The Solution

The purpose of this activity is for participants to keep in mind the goal of their advocacy campaign. They have to imagine the ideal world, that is the one where the problem they identified has been solved. It will turn out to be extremely useful during the implementation of the campaign while defining the single tasks and the deployment of the budget.

The young people are driven first to relax, to let creativity take in and then, together, to draw – with any tools they find effective. In the end, the whole group holds in hand the common purpose their advocacy campaign shall aim to: a shared drawing to keep in front of their eyes.

From the Top

Thought the metaphor of the mountains, the activity enables the group to define a general goal to reach in a long term vision. During the activities the groups set concrete actions in middle term vision of 3/6/12 months for the campaign.


The goal of this activity is to design and prioritize the steps of the advocacy campaign in a democratic and participative way.

Starting to an individual reflection on the tasks of the campaign, the groups then organized the tasks and defined the order to carry them out by the end of the project.

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