We want an Open-Divercity!

The project OpenDiverCity was born during an international exchange in Avilés, Spain, which took place in December 2018. The exchange was about youth protagonism and local advocacy and involved 6 groups of young people from different countries. Our group comes from San Donato, a city close to Milan, and is composed of 9 people plus a stakeholder from the Municipality (social welfare and youth policy specialist). All of our participants have had experience in different social local organizations.

We started by creating an interactive map of San Donato where one could visualize the different public spaces and the accessibility to them. Visually, we could show the great opportunities that our city can already offer, making public information clear and functional through graphics. Additionally, we decided to add to the visualization of public spaces, the mapping of the many social, cultural, and sport activities and events that take place in the area, so they could be better promoted and have more participants. The map also aims to draw attention to the level of accessibility of public spaces as perceived by citizens, where people can vote for every space.

Our mission is making public information more accessible and drawing attention to the potential and necessary changes that would make the city more livable for everybody. We also imagine a campaign to partner the project, titled #Dammispazio which deals with the awareness of the right that everyone has to their city and reclaiming public spaces as places for growth, interaction, and expression for all the community.

Opendivercity can be this and much more! We are looking for people who want to contribute to the project and trying to reach them through two public events. We had a meeting with the local organizations on the 29th of April and we will meet up with the citizenship on 2nd of June.

“Not for imagining or dreaming of a future city, but for creating it permanently”