Youthnetworks: advocacy for youth workers and associations

Youthnetworks was born to connect organisations, people, ideas. The platform aims at being a point of reference for organisations active in the field of youth mobility: they can stay up-to-date with all the latest available grants, ongoing petitions, news about European youth policies and share their project results and tools among themselves.

In fact, it gives the possibility to subscribe for free to an informal network. This membership allows the users (that can’t be single persons: a PIC number is required for subscribing) to publish on two websites:, specifically designed for “insiders”, and, where they can submit the calls addressing to young people. The entries are moderated by the newsroom, that will adapt them (if it’s the case) according to the editorial system needs and check the accountability of the organisation that sent them. They will then be published under the respective section, that are: petitions, available grants, calls, project results, tools and news (both for insiders and for anyone who’s simply interested in the last updates about Erasmus+ and European mobilities offers and general policies).

The goal of the network is to create a strong and long-lasting connection among little organisations. This is the logic behind the possibility of sharing tools and project results: to give them visibility, building at the same time contacts and strengthening relationships. It will all come to a higher point of commitment when advocacy actions will be needed, as it was the case with the petition “save the EVS” – the very first occasion when we had the proof that if we are organized between ourselves, we can accomplish what  would be impossible for each of us as a single.

The network and the website are managed on a shared basis. The topics and issues at stake, together with the European youth policies and decisions that can affect the work of youth organisations, are discussed among the more involved parts. Thanks to these connections, it will be easier to raise a problem or a topic – once you know that someone else is sharing your thoughts, you feel stronger too.